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Untergrainau - Badersee - Rosensee - Untergrainau - Terrainweg 1

Starting point: Touristinformation Untergrainau - Ending point: Touristinformation Untergrainau

  • Difficulty:
  • Route length:2,6 km
  • Highest point:790 m
  • Altitude uphill:34 m
  • Duration:1 Std
Badersee - Rosensee - Terrainweg 2

Brief description:
Leisurley walk through dreamy forests with a moderate ascent on natural paths. There are even two mountain lakes on the way.

- lake "Badersee" (rowing boats for rental)
- golden mermaid at the bottom of lake "Badersee" (can be seen from the boat")
- playground at the "Hotel am Badersee"
- the lake "Badersee" is never frozen during the winter, since there are some springs under water. This is the reason, why there is always the same water temperature during winter and summer.

The starting point is the tourist information office near the Untergrainau village square. Go left through the  smallpedestrian underpass and cross the street at the other end. Turn left through the small pedestrian's tunnel and at its end, cross the street. Past the small chapel, follow the "Baderseeweg". A small gravel path begins at the end of "Baderseeweg" on the left side. From there on, this gravel path leads directly to the lake "Badersee". Past some benches, a religious cross and always along the edge of the forest soon the street "Am Badersee" is reached. In the left direction, following the road for a few meters, there is now the lake "Badersee", which invites you to linger or to take a small rowing boat tour. Only from a rowing boat you can see the golden mermaid that was formerly sunk in the lake. The lake is now rounded, counter-clockwise on the right side. Past the island of and shortly before the end of the circling, turn right at the parting of the ways.
At the next parting of the ways, keep left in the direction of "Rosensee" and from now on follow the gravel path, again. On the left side soon the lake "Rosensee" appears, shortly before you reach the "Waxensteinstraße" in Grainau. At "Waxensteinstraße" turn left to get back to the tourist information office at the village square of Untergrainau after another five minutes of walking. 


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Trail conditions

Naturbelassen aber gepflegt, im Winter geräumtWegart: Wanderweg 80 %, nebenStraße 5 %, Waldanteil 15%,

Best season

Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter

Recommended equipment

Gutes Schuhwerk, Getränk.