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Holidays with dog

Finally holidays, but only with a dog, because he belongs to the family after all!

Dogs are very welcome in Grainau and with many hosts.

  • In Grainau, dogs from a shoulder height of 50cm must be kept on a leash.
  • From April to October there is a prohibition on access to meadows and pastures.
  • Please pay special attention to our many supply and disposal stations for dog waste bags. Dog excrement can be fatal for cows, calves and sheep!
  • If you are planning a trip to neighbouring Austria, please remember your dog's current pet passport. This must be carried abroad.
  • Dogs are generally allowed to swim in all lakes and rivers in Bavaria. Respect for other bathers.
  • When hiking in the high mountains, there is also a danger of a dog falling in difficult places. For a good hold a harness is practical here.
  • Dogs may travel on all mountain railways and public transport, usually for a small fee.