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Smoking - When, how and where?

Thursday, 02.01.2020, 19:00 - 20:30 clock

Place:Grainau | Zirbelstube, Kurhaus
Price:free of charge

Smoking has a long tradition, which has been taken up again in recent years, but how do you smoke? What do I smoke with and is there a certain technique? We will get to the bottom of these questions and look at various smoking tools, herbs, resins and woods.
Information at the Tourist-Info. Registration requested.


Zirbelstube, Kurhaus
Parkweg 8
82491 Grainau
phone: 08821/981853

Smoking - When, how and where?


Waxensteinstraße 26
82491 Grainau

Telephone: 08821/7088050