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Saturday, 05.02.2022, 19:00 - 22:00 clock

Place:Grainau | Hotel am Badersee
Price:EUR 89,00

Professor Willliam Chattney is dead. He was a famous scientist. However, before the will can be read, the life of the deceased must be reconstructed with the help of the guests. Actually, it's not a problem if it wasn't Detective Johnson. He's investigating, since Chattney's death is a violent crime.
Who killed Chattney how? What was he researching? And what secret did he take to the grave?
The notary Mr. Green and his faithful assistant Manfred have their hands full: They control the estate's surveillance cameras, read from the future with the help of Herbert Wandschneider and Dr. Sten-Gelle combines cosmic energy with science just to solve the mystery. In the end, however, it is Extrem Norbert, supported by the audience, who initiates the turnaround.
Between the acts you will be served a delicious 3-course menu.price:89€ per person.beginning 19.00 hrs


am Badersee 1 - 5
82491 Grainau

Telephone: 08821/8210