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Loisl - your personal holiday assistant

your personal holiday assistant

Personalised inspiration from the digital travel assistant

  • When is the next bus from Grainau to Ehrwald?
  • What is going on in Grainau tonight?
  • How will the weather be tomorrow?
  • And which hiking tour would be suitable?

If the guest wants answers, up to now it was necessary to browse through numerous websites. Now it's becoming more convenient: Whether on laptop, smartphone or tablet: The Loisl bundles the tourist information of the region and displays it individually to the guest according to his specifications.

How does the guest receive Loisl? Very simple: After the binding booking of an accommodation and the issuing of the guest card by the host, the guest receives a welcome email including a link to the service. It is designed as a progressive web app, i.e. a program on the net that does not have to be downloaded to the end device, but still remembers the desired information for the guest. This means that you do not "waste" any memory space on your own device and the app works on all devices, regardless of brand and operating system.

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