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Rechte und Pflichten aus den Gastaufnahmebedingungen der Gastgeber in Grainau

Die Gastaufnahmebedingungen der Gastgeber in Grainau finden Sie hier im Download.

Terms of use

General terms and conditions:

  • The GuestCard is a personal guest card for our Grainau guests in the Zugspitz valley Grainau. Issuer is the community of Grainau.
  • It is valid for the registered validity period, including arrival and departure day.
  • It can only be issued by the hosts of the community of Grainau on arrival day. It is not possible to buy the GuestCard.
  • Children card from the age of 6 until 15,9 years. Adults Card from the age of 16 years. Essential is the age on arrival day.
  • The GuestCard is not transferable.
  • It may only be valid in combination with a valid photo identification and with registered full name of the guest and registered validity period.
  • The GuestCard ist not valid for rides up to the Zugspitze!
  • In case of theft, loss or defect of the card, the cardholder is obliged to report the incident immediately to the landlord or the tourist information Grainau.
  • In case of misuse the card will be confiscated without replacement. The card may be restricted in some options for operational or other important reasons.

Data protection reminder:

For internal operation your personal data will be collected in conjunction with the GuestCard. Further information on