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Starting point: Felsen am Rathaus im Grainauer Kurpark - Ending point: Eibsee

  • Difficulty:
  • Route length:11,8 km
  • Highest point:1020 m
  • Altitude uphill:270 m
  • Duration:6 Std
Preface by Andreas Hildebrandt

Is it now 70 or even 100 million years since the folding of our Mountains have passed?

I am fascinated by this question, but in the end, the answer doesn't really matter, because it lies beyond imagination. For me, the huge time span is unimaginable. I prefer to stick to the last ice age which gave our valley the "finishing touch" around 15,000 years ago. However, even closer the landslide took place about 4000 years ago. Millions of cubic metres of rocks and gravel fell down from the northern flank of the Zugspitze and modeled our valley. The age of the landslide was determined using the 14C method of woods obtained from two research drillings in 1993. This analysis was possible, because the landslide has buried the forests. One drill hole was made in the "Vordermoos", at the northern direction of the lake Eibsee (depth 49m) and a second one in the "vorderen Bärengrube", in the western direction (depth 32m). In addition, the registered association of "Bär und Lilie", has ordered an analysis of a tree trunk. That trunk was found during construction works at the "Gassenbichl" in Untergrainau. There, it was recovered out of a sea-clay layer.
This geological hiking trail is intended to introduce those, who are interested, to the formation of our valley. Although the origin of our valley took place much more earlier, the characteristic appearance of Grainau nevertheless is the "result" of that landslide. The (meanwhile mostly wooded) rock masses and a lot of boulders can be found all over the village, which is unique in our region. The community is very grateful for Mr. Johann-Peter Orth's efforts. He is a graduated local geologist, who wrote this hiking guide. Like no other, he knows the geological conditions of Grainau. The regularly operated measurings at the origin of "Brücklesbach", at the lake Badersee, at the fountain near Christelhütte and at the "Hintere Breitla" (since the flood of 1999) were really helpful. Johann Märkl and Andreas Huber carried out the data collection conscientiously. This multitude of measurement data was fundamental for the searching for new drinking water in Grainau. I am convinced, that every mindful hiker will experience a very special climax using this booklet, since he can enjoy our unique  landscape as well, as he will learn about its development.
Grainau, autumn of 2004
Andreas Hildebrandt

Preface by Stephan Märkl

As my predecessor in office, Andreas Hildebrandt, already mentioned, our landscape offers a wide range of geological.y interesting landmarks. Take the time to explore Grainau's landscape, which was shaped by the landslide. Surely, this landslide represented a catastrophe at that time. Today, you can imagine the consequences during a hike over hills consisting of rock masses.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Johann-Peter Orth, who has invested a lot of time for the further revision of this booklet. Now I wish you a pleasant hike through the past and I'm sure, that you will enjoy some very special highlights here, at our Zugspitzdorf.

Grainau, May 2018
Stephan Märkl
1st mayor of Zugspitzdorf Grainau

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