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Asphalt stick shooting

Stick shooting or asphalt stick shooting is a sport that is particularly widespread in the Alpine region and bears a certain resemblance to curling. Nevertheless, curling has its own focus, which can be considered independent of curling.
Stick shooting is an old folk sport that only spread in areas with freezing waters and was only played in winter. However, as the clubs also wanted to do it in summer, asphalt shooting has become more and more established. Asphalt shooting is a precision sport and a distinction is made between team, distance and target competition.

Asphalt shooting is reminiscent of social leisure activities. Anyone can do it. Good with luck, but better with practice. Why not drop in one the training session and simply join? Training takes place from May to September on Tuesdays from 2 p.m. on the asphalt court behind the tennis courts.