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Sauber bleim: The action against garbage

Perfect would be mountains, lakes and forests without plastic bags, tissues, bottles and cereal bar wrappers. So perfect wouldn't be so hard if you didn't just rant about trash all the time, but did something about it.

Therefore, we thought: Let's get the idyll back!
We, that is the Bergwelten, the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn, the Zugspitzdorf Grainau and GaPa Tourism. Together we have started the campaign "Sauber bleim". An appeal to each individual to do their part for the idyll. Everyone just has to take their own trash back home in specially made trash bags made of recycled material.

Stay clean
Stay clean

Garbage collection at the Eibsee

Eibsee circular trail: Over 6,000 liters of trash in one weekend.

Over six cubic meters of trash on 7.5 kilometers of circular trail. That's how much was collected on a summer weekend in 2020 at the Eibsee. That's over 6,000 liters. In and especially next to the 55 120-liter buckets. Mountains of waste instead of a natural idyll. An extreme example - of course. But the less extreme ones don't make the situation any better. Litter is already part of the picture. And of course handkerchiefs: They decorate every easily hidden place.

All that - has to go. With our initiative we want to sensitize. From the end of June, we will therefore be distributing specially made garbage bags made of recycled material - which are much more than garbage bags - in various places, for example at the valley stations of the mountain railroads. They belong in every backpack, look casual. Above all, they carry a message. The request: "Stay clean" - at least repack your own waste.

Prominent locals appeal: Take your waste back with you

The initiative also includes video sequences that can be seen on social media. Prominent locals such as artist Sani Kneitinger, mountain bike pro Holger Meyer, former biathlete Miriam Neureuther, former ski pro Fritz Dopfer, ski legend Rosi Mittermeier, photographer and filmmaker Anton Brey and so many more are addressing tourists as well as locals with a clear message: Please take your waste back with you - so that nature remains as beautiful as it is.

In the current and upcoming editions of Bergwelten, readers will also find out: How long does it take packaging, and even fruit, to decompose? What damage can they cause? Also about the small and large business in the free one will be talked, because there is to say something.

"Stay clean" is our request to everyone. An action to make nature a little cleaner in the end, to protect it. So that it remains as beautiful as it actually is. And as everyone wants it to be.

Text: Katharina Bromberger Photo: Anton Brey